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Healthcare’s tectonic shifts are forcing fundamental change to every major stakeholder, both in the United States and globally.  Medical and health technologies — for decades derided as the driver of increased health costs — are now the key enabler of new products, re-imagined services and new business models to extend the reach of physicians and institutions, and achieve the triple aim of increased access, better outcomes and lower costs.  The challenge is how to capture trusted data to prove or disprove clinical value and comparative effectiveness — comparing traditional products to new digital ones and extending to patient behaviors, social and environmental effects.  Tech companies and healthcare Startups lack the ability to convene key decision makers across policy, payors and providers. This is our Mission.

Amid the worlds most dense network of academic institutions, high tech and pharmaceutical companies in Boston — Hacking Medicine Institute (HMi) is an unbiased non-profit educational institute, convening global healthcare leaders to accelerate data, proof and adoption of effective new healthcare hacks — clever applications of technology.  

Born out of MIT’s Hacking Medicine program, HMi is building a Consortium of leading academic, public and private institutions to tackle challenges in measuring, analyzing and judging the effectiveness of digital health products and their combinations with traditional drugs, diagnostics and health services. 



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April 29-May 2: MITHackMed Annual Grand Hack @ MIT Media Lab

March 12-14, 2016: Join our 3 day series of Digital events and parties at SXSW! 

Feb 26-28, 2016: Join HMI/MIT/MGh for a global oncology hackathon in CAMBRIDGE

HMI to lead harvard connected Health Symposium panel on Digital health clinical studies

Sept 25-27, 2015 HMi founder zen chu to speak at Stanford MedX conference

Measuring Digital Health Outcomes Summit (PDF)

HMi’s next Measuring Digital Health Outcomes Summit is an invitation-only executive forum hosted by HMi and will be held in Spring 2016 in Cambridge, MA.


This highly interactive program will help participants craft strategies and tactics in measuring the impact of Digital Health:

•    New data sources, novel methods for measuring health interventions

•    The future of prescribing digiceuticals and implications for your organization 

•    Challenges, metrics and examples of measuring outcomes for digital health interventions

•    Comparing effectiveness across digital/analog/pharma interventions

•    Measuring messaging effectiveness across patient segments, geographies, and cultures

•    Using Apple ResearchKit & HealthKit and other tools to enabled efficient, faster, inexpensive data gathering 

•    Re-engineering patient-centric experiences to complement and enhance existing pharma and med device solutions

•    How to navigate and engage the FDA and CMS in uncharted territory of digital health

•    Novel business models in digital health with recent successes and failures

•    Enabling Start-Ups to pilot and accelerate data with large partners

Participants Across Policy, Payors, Providers, Products:  

We are convening healthcare and patient-advocates who are actively engaged in setting policy to measure, prove, and pay for effective products and services.  We strive to have a diverse and balanced set of attendees from the following sectors:

•    Large self-insured employers and insurers

•    Representatives from FDA, NIH, CMS, HHS

•    Hospital systems and accountable care organizations (ACO’s)

•    Patient advocacy and rare disease groups

•    Clinical leaders creating policy for population health, hospital networks, guidelines

•    Medical technology and high technology companies

•    Pharmaceutical and biotech companies with “pill plus” apps, digital biomarkers, and companion diagnostics